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MEETING OF: June 24, 2013 BOARD AGENDA NO.: General Functions #2
TITLE OF AGENDA ITEM: Resolution calling for the November 5, 2013 10% M&O Override Election
SUBMITTED BY: Hector M. Encinas, Chief Financial Officer
The District's two recent attempts to reauthorize an M&O Override have been unsuccessful.  As a result, over the past two years, the District has reduced its M&O Budget Override amount from 10% from 2007-08 thru 2011-12 to 6.667% in 2012-13 and to 3.33% for 2013-14.

Without a new successful Override, the 2014-15 M&O Budget will be adopted with -0- Override which will result in drastic cuts in programs and positions for the 2014-15 school year.

Since 1987, Sunnyside Unified School District has operated with a 10% Override which has provided in some fiscal years, more than $8 million in additional revenues.  These revenues have been used to fund numerous programs and positions including All Day K, Ocotillo Learning Center, Elementary  PE, Elementary/MS/HS Counselors, additional instructional/in-service day, Middle School Athletics, Security Monitors and teaching positions to help reduce class size.

However, as a result of the November 2011 and the November 2012 Override Elections, the District has had to cut classroom and non-classroom positions, increased class size, transfer Capital Outlay funds to M&O and relied on temporary funding assistance from the Federal Government's "ARRA EduJob Stimulus" program  and  from our own Food Service Program to minimize the impact of the loss of over $5.3 million of Override funds the past two years.

We have now reached a point where we can longer rely on temporary solutions to the inevitable problem that results when a school district no longer has $8 million in override funds to fund programs and positions.   We have reached the point that without Override funding, we will have to cut programs and positions that will impact every aspect of the District's operation, especially those educational programs that were initially funded with Override funds and other program and positions  that the Governing Board is being asked to review and decide if they should be presented to the Community to provide their input  and  be asked to vote on whether they should be continued or not.

Attached for the Governing Board's review and approval is a list of "Programs and Positions under Consideration" that the Superintendent and Cabinet has developed.  A requirement of the informational pamphlet and election information is that the Governing Board must indicate the purpose for which the Override funds would be used.  Given that an unsuccessful override would result in ZERO Override funds being available, transversely, the message being sent to the community is that these programs and positions will be eliminated and not continued if the Override Election fails.

If the Governing Board decides NOT to call for the Override Election, then automatically, our 2014-15 M&O Budget will have to be reduced with a budget with ZERO Override funds and at least $5,248,818 of cuts will have to be made by the Governing Board to the 2014-15 M&O budget without any voter input.

If the Governing Board decides to call for the Override Election, and the election fails, cuts will still have to be made, but with the assumption that the  Community understood what was at stake and had input into this decision.

Therefore, it is the Administration's strong recommendation that the Governing Board approve the attached resolution calling for 10% M&O  Override election on November 5, 2013.  (Refer to attachment).

The Governing Board is also allowed to include the Board's  200 word "Pro" Statement which is due at the Pima County Schools Superintendent's Office no later than August 9, 2013.  This can be approved by the Board at a later Board meeting, possible July 9, 2013. 

In addition, the Governing Board needs to decide whether the election shall be a "Vote By Mail" or "Traditional" ballot election.  The City of Tucson is having its election on the same date all "Vote By Mail" (VBM).  However, the Governing Board is not bound by the City's decision and can decide at tonight's meeting or at the very latest, the July 9, 2103 Regular meeting.

Finally,  attached is a summary of November 6, 2012 Override Election results by precinct and copies of the 2014-15 Proposed 10% Override  and Alternate Budgets.

If the Governing Board has any questions, they will be addressed at the meeting.

REVIEWED BY: Dr. Manuel L. Isquierdo, Superintendent
Recommend that the Governing Board approve adoption of the "Resolution calling for the November 5, 2013 10% Override Election".
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2013_Override_checklist.pdf Checklist and Timelines Cover Memo
Nov_6_Election_Results_by_Precinct.xls November 6, 2012 Election Results Cover Memo
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FY_15_10%_for_Board_meeting.xls FY15 10% O/R Budget Cover Memo
330789990_v_3_RESOLUTION_ORDERING_AND_PROVIDING_NOTICE_OF_AN_OVERRIDE_ELECTION-Sunnyside_USD_revised_HME3.doc Resolution calling for the 10% Override Election Cover Memo
FY_14_Override_programs_and_positions_under_consideration_June_17,_2013_for_meeting.xls FY14 Override programs and positions under consideration June 17, 2013 for meeting Cover Memo
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